The sole focus of Unmesh is your child and you. We understand and empathize that your child is different but believe that s(he) is no less than any other child. We are here to guide you and provide you the techniques necessary for your child beyond the confines of school so that they can thrive.


UNMESH aims to provide nurturing care to all children and facilitate early detection and early intervention facilities at all levels for those at risk, through comprehensive health care & special education services. We aim to provide a platform where parents and care givers learn to interact effectively with the needs of the individual child. The long-term goal is to overcome barriers and integrate every child with society for them to lead a happy productive life.

Current Activity

1. We are running a multi-disciplinary child development clinic in Kolkata in the name of Unmesh Clinic, 6 days a week. This clinic provides state-of-the-art specialized services for assessment and management of all neuro-developmental disorders. 

2. We are running a school for special children in Kolkata as Unmesh Special School, 5 days a week, 10AM-2PM. 

3. We are setting up a Resource Hub named ‘Smarajit Memorial Resource and Activity Centre’ to generate awareness on Early Childhood Development among urban parents from all socio-economic strata. 

4. Starting an interactive program for mother child groups through group meetings, activity programs for children, ‘Mama and Me’ programs, childrens’ book library, toy library and free play area for children of all socio-economic strata, thereby providing children with a rich stimulating environment with ample early learning opportunity.

Future Expansion Plans

1. To promote skill development among health care providers to provide early childhood development and early detection of developmental delay in children. 

2. To sensitize parents to proper parenting, nurturing care, and issues in child development, so they can take a lead role in the child’s development. 

3. Develop skill development programs for Early Childhood Development. 

4. Develop training modules and teaching-learning material for capacity building. 

5. Plan and execute Training of Trainers as required. 

6. To coordinate participation of social partners, professional societies and other NGOs in the process of skill development. 

7. To organize and participate in seminars, conferences in the sector and compile, collate and publish technical reports and papers related to our objectives. 

8. To provide treatment and rehabilitation for disabilities. 

9. To run training institutions, publish articles and books and promote research in the field.